Is your vinyl liner old, faded, over-patched, leaking, or showing major signs of wear?

If so, call us with your name, and address for a free estimate on a vinyl liner replacement.

As a Tara Liners preferred installer, we’re skilled at taking precise measurements of your pool to ensure your new liner fits like a glove.

Here’s a sneak peek of our thorough process of installing your new liner:

  • Remove and dispose of your old liner
  • Take accurate measurements
  • Make necessary repairs to walls, and pool floor
  • Remove algae from walls
  • Patch and smooth floor
  • Tape seems in pool walls
  • Final vacuum of pool floor
  • Close visual inspection before liner is set in place
  • Install vinyl liner
  • Insert powerful suction vacuum to hold liner to walls, as the pool fills.

Call today for a free estimate on a new vinyl liner replacement for your inground swimming pool!